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July 16, 2008


Plug Puller

Some pretty strong words from a guy that hates to telephone source names. When is the last time you spent the day on the phone generating names? If you don't enjoy the grind maybe it's time to hang it up instead of pawning your pitiful 'sage' advice. Just get out. You know, work strategy somewhere at a lifeless corporation where your scientific methods sell hope for 3-6 months before they realize it's all useless consultant-of-the-month profiteering. End of the day, your clients are still going to need someone to get into competitors and grab the folks that fit their job description. That's a moving target that your consulting and the internet is not capable of efficiently or effectively producing.

Your no specialist. All you can do is run your mouth after reading a few parallel industry articles from the highbrows in academia. What is it HSB Review? What telephone names sourcing training are you even talking about? No one trains this stuff. There's no magic method - it's fluff.

So go retire buddy, and take Charles Hillman with you. He can't telephone source to save his life - that's no bull, ask him.

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