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August 06, 2008



Josh -

Deep thoughts indeed. I guess your willingness to pass along the candidate as a finalist depends on the key skills you are trying to deliver and the fit the guy would be for the culture he's going into.

My vote - if he's a great candidate otherwise, present him - but with full disclosure of the behavioral side that you've witnessed....


Joshua Letourneau

Kris, great point :) As long as the HM Alpha-Baffoon is the wiser, old sage (the greyed Alpha-Bafoon) . . . or physically larger (so as to keep the mini Alpha-Baffoon in check), it might be a match made in heaven :)

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully the pic of a thinking Baffoon was good for a laugh!

Michael Haberman, SPHR

thereby lubricating themselves in the endorphin-releasing 'power' that comes with having a badge and a gun.

I love it. That is the allure and power "sexyness" that HR needs to have to attract good candidates. LOL

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