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September 09, 2008



Josh -

Cool Video. My take is the techology has to allow those in the Talent Acquisition business to direct their activities to where they can have the biggest impact as knowing, feeling, humans.

Where can you truly add value? Are you involved in low return activities that you can automate, outsource, etc., so your efforts can be lasered in a manner you increase revenue and profitability?

Let me know your thoughts...


Jeff Weidner

Like they said leverage technology, software and services.

One thing that can't and shouldn'
t change is talking to the candidates and developing rapport but pretty much all other aspects of recruiting from creating job descriptions, to sourcing candidates to on boarding can and should be automated as much as possible.

Imagine the first day of work showing up to the front desk telling the receptionist. "Hi this is my first day of work." She sits you at a kiosk, you type in you name, address, phone number and driver's license number, it verifies your identity, takes your picture and issues an employee badge, desk or office number and tells you when and where to report to your hiring manager or HR for orientation.

Create a International Open Database of candidate resumes linked to all social networking sites, Linkedin, facebook, myspace, fast pitch, reference checks, background checks and on and on. Anything considered non-confidential like SSN's,healthcare records etc would be ommitted from the records or classifed as confidential.

Ahh the power, Can you feel it coursing through your veins:-)

Jeff Weidner

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